JuJoJan 26 – Busy

Yesterday was a busy day. I expected my grandson at 7:15 so was up at six getting shower, etc. He spent the day with me and it was fun. He took down some Christmas glass balls we had put over the window but forgot to take down on his last visit. Then he redid the floor twice. I thought his strength applied to the mop would do it.

If you remember the flood I had from the apartment above me and that water combined with the snow salt the maintenance people tracked in was still showing up on my floors. I had regular mopped it once and when dry, looked like I hadn’t done a thing. Then I bought a Swiffer scrubbing as hard as I could and used that all over twice, no luck. Jesse used the Swiffer with more strength, still the white stains did not budge. We then decided to use a separate all purpose cleaner spray first, let it soak and then scrub. It is now faded enough to just look like the floor has dust spots, or a well used ice rink. It reminds me of those birthday candles that you can never blow out!

We watched two movies, made a pot roast, took out the trash, got the mail, played Denveropoly, cards, and most importantly laughed a lot. We tried to put politics on hold because we can really get into it, but we wanted to remain upbeat.

Have you ever played any of the spinoffs of Monopoly? As he set it up he explained that his sister won’t play with him anymore because he’s ruthless–well he met his match and I won, yea for me! But I would rather not play it again, it’s another change and I don’t care for the ones they’ve made to Monopoly. As far as card games went, I was not my usual lucky self and lost almost all of them! Dang!

About eight p.m. we decided to snack out on Cinnamon Toast Crunch and watch a movie. It was great fun! Nothing bolsters my psyche like a visit from grandchildren.


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  1. I have Game of Thrones (opoly) and it’s different but not. Most of my friends won’t play it because they haven’t watched GOT, but you don’t have to! The one guy who did play who never watched won the game.

    A long time ago I had Catopoly, but it wasn’t that fun and I gave it away.

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