The Funny Girl

Always a cheery bundle of hope, she was looked upon by some as the “funny girl”, not exactly datable but in a pinch, she would do. She rarely was considered an acceptable date as she had bold looks, and was rather clumsy at times. Good for a friend was what the boys thought, but in no way were they ever going to ask her on a real date.

As the funny girl grew, she blossomed into an attractive professional. She did not possess the beauty of a movie star, but some grown men began to realize her true beauty. She grew out of her clumsiness but was still not the most graceful. Her dates were rare and she longed for a companion to love.

Day dreaming at the office one day as she climbed the stairs, she bumped into a similar personality, male, coming down the stairs. It was a surprise clinch as he helped her up to stand, that their hands touched. Each person then looked, really looked at the other. Kismet.


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