What weather?

Trying to sleep and at one this morning, snowplows are going back and forth with flashing lights. I looked at the phone, it said clear, no precipitation, 18 degrees F.

Looked out the window, a novel idea, and its snowing–a lot, and has been, covering cars in the lot already, so snowplows working. Checked another weather app, still saying it’s clear. Those things are worthless. Reluctantly tried Google to see if they were saying anything about it, and nope.

Of course who pops up on G immediately, but you know who! Nightmare alley!

Now I’m fully awake and the people above are snoring!😳 Ah well, who needs sleep anyway?😂

Sometimes you just have to laugh.



16 thoughts on “What weather?

    1. It’s cold, sidewalks are plowed so got out to the grocery. However the salt and ice residue from the upstairs flood is piled up near my entry, down the stairs from upper apartments and in the breezeway. A huge mess.


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