Word of the Day: Jack

This has not been a good week and it’s only Tuesday. I am at my limit of a usual low frustration level on good days, and about to boil over. My trusty wheelchair has decided its wheels are just too tired to move and complain with loud squeaks resembling screams at times when I use it. Yep, real handy this morning at four when I woke up with a leak.

Oh the beauty…..what beauty you ask? I have no idea. I try to find it in everything but at a loss today. My son in law tried to fix it. It needs a wheel replacement at the very least, and after spraying good old WD40 on it, it was squeak free for an hour and I could actually roll it. He’s back traveling on his job, so I’m only using my scooter.

Now that in itself is an adventure because I only use it outside to take the trash or get mail. Inside it does not fit under counters, and I have a bad habit of underestimating the distance between the front of it and the object I’m getting to. And it has to be charged to run at all. I’ve fallen off it numerous times trying to retrieve something that fell, one time breaking a hip bone.

So if you’re having a great day with lots of holiday spirit, more power to you! As far as I’m concerned I don’t know Jack about holiday spirit today. But wait! I’m feeling better already after watching these:

My sense of humor is back. It never leaves for long.



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