MLMM Music Challenge 12-13-19


A New York minute on 9/11 changed the whole world. My oldest son was living in NYC at the time it happened and as I sat on the bed waiting for my husband to finish getting ready, I was mindlessly watching the news. It was a shock to see a plane crash into a skyscraper but then seconds later I knew it was a terrorist attack.

I immediately tried to call my son but there was no answer. In a New York minute life changed. My son was safe, but hundreds of people were devastated and he and his friends he knew well effected. I watched as I heard thuds behind the reporters. Those thuds were bodies of people jumping out of the building. I will never forget those sounds and the entire tragedy is something I cannot watch again ever. I refuse to see photos of the memorial.

My son moved to Chicago and of course I felt relief in that, but anywhere can be a target.


New York will never be the same to me. I can only offer a song, “Things are Changing” by Gary Clark, Jr.:

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