MLMM Wordle #155

“Welcome to Podcast 500! Today we’re interviewing the envy of all Bon Vivants with particular reference to wine selection. May I introduce, Sir James Burgundy, a well known vintner in this area? Welcome Sir Burgundy!”

“Please, call me James”, said with an excess of superiority. “Yes, I do own the most magnificent vineyards here but you would be incorrect in assuming I own them all. I have a company and stock holders, employees. . .”

“Anyway, let’s not get off on a tangent, James. Time is short on these interviews. Could we flip past the minutiae and get straight to tasting your favorite selections?”

“Why certainly”, replied Sir Burgundy, as he proceeded to open the red wines before him. The host grabbed the crystal glass with his large spongy looking fist and quickly swished, sniffed and downed the first selection. “It would be wise to let the wine breathe a little before tasting, in order to receive the entire sensation of fragrance and taste.”

“Like I said, Jim, this is a fifteen minute show.”