31 Days of October – No Treat

I think there’s no carpet in the bedroom above mine

Otherwise I wouldn’t hear the large dogs when they dine

Of course I don’t have X-ray vision

But this is what I’ve been thinking.

The dog owner works various shifts

The only loud activity he misses

Is the daytime hours between five and five

Any others he and the dogs go live.

Moving furniture at midnight or later

Playing ball with the dogs is a real irritator

Daytime is fine, it’s very quiet

It’s after eleven at night there’s a riot.

You’d think any person would realize the noise

Made when you and your dogs play with big toys

They must be large bones or things made of metal

Either or makes my ears not settle

Into a comforting era of sleep

At two in the morning I’m still counting sheep.



4 thoughts on “31 Days of October – No Treat

  1. I lived in an apartment when I first moved to LA in 1980. The guy next door had the tv against the head of my bed. Eventually, I knocked on his door in my jammy and asked him to turn down the volume! 🙂

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