Kira’s Sunday Scribbles 9-15-19

Each day after her initial appointment, Julie looked at herself in the mirror completely nude, trying to move this way and that, turning to the side, looking over her shoulder, but she still couldn’t find them. Julie was looking for those fat cells the plastic surgeon was telling her she needed to have removed. Yes, he was gorgeous, young and new to the medical staff, but he had no clients.

Julie was hardly delighted when after a consultation, Dr. Gorgeous showed her a closeup photo of the fat cells he saw under a microscope. Julie was devastated, but when she went home, she was hard put to see where those extra fat cells were. The doctor did one legitimate operation as an intern, collected the fat cells, photocopied and used them indiscriminately on unsuspecting clients.

Luckily Julie decided she would wait on having the improvements Dr. G recommended.

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