Sheree’s Liebster Award Questionnaire

I have received blogging awards and thanks to them, I was encouraged to keep writing. After answering the many questions, I am now an award free blog. You all know me too well I think! 🥴

When new sets of questions appear I sometimes like to answer them and this is the case today. Sheree from posted questions from Nico at and here is a copy of a few of them if you would like to take part. And please check out the blogs above, you will not be disappointed!😄


1. Optimist all the way.

2. I love games, not video games as much as hands on.

3. I am a 73 year old kid.

4. Definitely an empath, sometimes to my detriment.

5. Extrovert

6. Dancing if I could, horrible singer, but enjoy both.

7. Favorite writer is a hard choice. It depends on the genre.

8. My passion is my family.

9. Pause, for the older I get, the quicker time passes. For instance, where did the summer go?

10. Favorite sport to watch on tv is rugby, or anything live my grandkids are playing.

11. One of my favorite quotes is “it ain’t over till it’s over” Yogi Berra. Deep😂



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