MLMM Tale Weaver #240

Wading was one of my greatest pleasures as a child. We had miles of brooks, shallow enough to enjoy without being dangerous. Of course we weren’t alone when cooling off in the water.

My sister, six years older, and I played for hours. A favorite thing to do was rip off sides of the brook and use them to build a dam. The dam would allow us to “swim” in a foot deep or more of water. It was great fun as one of us would hold the dam till completed and yell to the other, “mugs, more mugs” which is what we called the muddy sides we used to build our dam. We were muddy, wet, laughing, and thoroughly tired out and satisfied when we returned home.



8 thoughts on “MLMM Tale Weaver #240

    1. When the kids were 4 and 2 they were so much fun, they still are but it’s not the same. I’ve just booked a lodge weekend away in November for both girls, Ruby and my sister and me! It has a hot tub. I said when I was in hospital we would do something to celebrate me being alive 😉

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    2. Funny thing you should say those words. At my birthday Tracey said if course erre celebrating your birthday because you’re still alive. It never quite hit me she was so concerned about my cancer scares.

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