Questions from Tom

All are welcome to answer, and I’ve read some good ones!


1. I do, except on the 4th when my grandson(19) confronted me about what (political) content I put on FB.🙄

2. I believe they would be far more evolved than us and friendly.

3. Currently I have no comic books, but I love Marvel movie characters. Wonder Woman was my favorite as a child.

4. Anything Wonder Woman could do, plus being able to fly.

5. Flying.

6. Why would I waste pancakes on a doghouse?

7. Red, my fave color, of course. Do they come in Klingon?

8. Buy a van equipped for driving and loading a wheelchair–now that would be fun!

9. I prefer cold and frosty Dos Equis with lime.

10. Never been drunk, however I was tipsy at a dinner date once, in 1967.


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  1. Since I changed to the new iPad I can’t delete any spam but I have tons from a Glenn? Not getting people in my Reader is nothing new, sadly.


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