#writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt

They kept watch all morning but never saw the being. They nervously glanced back and forth between them. Expecting a horrid creature to appear any minute, they held their ground. Only three dared come from the village and the boys felt strong and brave.

Later, the boys were hungry, pulled out their pack that held a small provision, all the while keeping one eye on the bridge. Being boys aged ten, keeping their attention on one thing for more than an hour was daunting and soon fell weary of their task. Deciding to return another day to keep the protection vigil, they walked back through the trees.

A massive burly man who seemed more than a bit frightening suddenly stepped into their path. He had a wild look about him and the boys thought this might be the creature they were seeking. “What are you boys doing out here? Are you lost?” The small ones started mumbling their reply and that is when a huge hairy arm descended upon Jack’s shoulder.

The day had been long with fearful thoughts and Jack fell back, almost fainting. The intrepid team cowered and enormous laughter sprung from the creature. “I see you’ve heard the stories about me”, he continued and helped Jack to his feet. “I’m no fairytale, I’m a lumberjack! I choose only a few special trees for my company. They are very particular. That is why I’m here, searching. I eat my lunch under the bridge every day.”

” You’re not the ogre we’ve been told about?”

“Certainly not,” laughing again. “Now let me see you out of here safely.”


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