Three Line Tales #179

A time to celebrate

With your special mate

Fireworks in dark skies

Everyone just feasts their eyes

Colors bright and loud will burst

Barbecues, beer for your thirst.


Dogs are howling, hate the noise

While children enjoy all the toys

Neon bracelets, necklaces too

In yellow green and bright blue

Glow in the dark, quite a treat

While soccer balls keep their feet

Busy waiting for the show

When the sky is all aglow.


Come share my fun, I have these sparklers

I also have some popping cracklers

Fourth of July, time for fun

Come you all or just one!


100 words

10 thoughts on “Three Line Tales #179

    1. Went to the park to watch fireworks with the family but we were forced home because of lightning and hail. I was surprised at people who were walking in the lightning. The noise of home crackers in neighborhood went on til 2 or so.

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