FFF #20 – Time Marches On

Looking in the mirror

Paused at my reflection

When did this happen

All this imperfection

The years have not been good to me

I think I need a doctor

A little tuck, a little lift, that is all I need

Up with the eyebrows, slice the double chin

Did someone mention turkey neck

You can see what trouble I’m in

All the bright young ingenues

Beautiful, each and every one

They’ll have their chance as I’ve had mine

And their time, too will march on.



10 thoughts on “FFF #20 – Time Marches On

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than a face that shows it has experienced life, why anyone would want a face that looks like it’s been set in stone or pumped up lips is beyond me. Plus the risk factors of going under the knife 😱

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  2. Its a fate we all have to deal with, thanks for reminding me of my own decline, good thing our minds are still operating as they did thirty years ago, but a shame our bodies don’t think the same way.

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