Never Too Old?

I see you cannot manage a simple foxtrot, madam. Are you seriously thinking you’ll find a man here at the studio, being as incapable as you are?

I don’t think dancing lessons are a mistake. And yes, I am single now and need a companion. If you help me, I’ll see you get a good recommendation in the home’s newsletter.

Many new types of dance have appeared, but you really must learn the basics of ballroom first. Let’s try it again. Now, move the walker to the left, that’s right…


FOWC with Fandango — Manage

4 thoughts on “Never Too Old?

  1. Everyone wishes for love. It is the sustenance of life. What was that, “The elusive butterfly of love”, you say? Now you have it .. If we only knew the power of love? We could move mountains, it has been written. Cheers Jamie

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