MLMM Tale Weaver #228

Cooking, well I assume you are speaking of the type of cooking where food is involved, 🙄—fresh, frozen, canned or dried, and also edible, which was sometimes questionable in my household over the years. I have always tried to make tasty meals, healthy and appealing as far as the actual plate of food is concerned. A plate consisting of all one color or one texture food does not appeal to anyone and your eyes and body prefer variety as well.

I dabbled in catering for a while with a friend, a wonderful Italian woman who was a spectacular cook and we worked hard trying to be successful at a home based business. We had a lot of fun and of course a few arguments, but all in all we enjoyed it. It was shortlived however, because an old back injury of mine acted up with all the standing, bending and heavy lifting, etc, so I had to quit. It was fun and satisfying while it lasted.

My family always ate what was put in front of them with no complaints. No one in our home was ever force fed foods they disliked, and only once were we all so disappointed (disgusted) that we took turns throwing the food in the sink. I was on the Weight Watcher diet and cutting out sugar for all of us, trying to eat healthier in the 70s. I had made a WW dessert, a chocolate mousse. It looked great, tasted horrid! (On a side note, I do not eat anything with artificial ingredients such as sweetener that is so popular in diet anything, or fake butter or salt.) It’s just me, no offense to anyone who does, or needs to.

A few dishes that are family favorites are chicken and dumplings, stuffed pork chops, vegetable soup, macaroni and cheese, molasses cookies and Denver chocolate cake. I rarely cook anymore because it’s too difficult from a sitting position. Most days I do not miss having to provide a nice meal everyday to family but enjoy the rare occasion when I receive a request for something.

Personally, I go through periods of cravings for certain things, such as french fries, pizza, or chocolate, but it’s rare. My usual want is good tasting fresh fruit and vegetables which seem hard to come by. It may look good, but there’s no taste. And avocados which I love? The worst, they are expensive and you never know what you’re going to get. Now a box of chocolates per Forrest Gump, I like those surprises!

Cooking healthy is easy these days with all the products such as parchment paper, or pans that do not require being greased. In my mother’s day, butter, lard, and bacon grease were all used – sometimes for flavor, or to make a pan easier to clean. Microwave ovens for some people, are miracles themselves, being convenient for quick thawing or a frozen meal. I basically use mine to reheat something I’ve cooked or warm coffee.


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  1. I love to cook and be creative with meals but, unfortunately, my roommate is a real pain in the*** when it comes to cooking. Everything has to be bland, burnt, and blah, so I gave up. Plus, we made a deal if I cook, she would clean up… Yeah, ah, NOPE. I end up cleaning after her. She is a natural slob and could care less.
    I would agree with you… Produce is really hard to find. I mean the good stuff, and even then it cost an arm and a leg to afford it. My biggest complaint is finding mandarin oranges that don’t cost $7 a bag. That’s a major pet peeve to me. I love them and could eat them 24/7…But, I can’t afford to.

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