3TC 6-17-19


“Welcome to New Orleans, Miss Jones! All of the staff here at the “It’ll Do” hotel are happy to serve you!”

The doorman looked friendly in his shabby chic uniform, and Stella could hardly take her eyes off the iron worked door. Stella always wanted to see New Orleans and luckily came by a website offering huge money saving deals for the trip. She slipped by the greeter with a smile and a thank you.

“Shall I take your bags while you check in?” Stella nodded and proceeded to the front desk. Completing the paperwork, she slowly ascended the stairway, also rimmed with wrought ironwork.

Stella was enamored of the antique atmosphere and took her time settling in. The room was nicely furnished in antiques and a four postered feather bed. She fell back and let the bedding envelop her. She smiled and just relaxed into it. She needed this vacation, and this bed was heavenly.

The hotel dining room was also beautiful and she sampled some of Louisiana’s specialties. She was feeling decadent as she lingered over every bite.

Exhausted from the trip and looking forward to the next day activities, Stella donned her pajamas and once again sunk into the featherbed.

Eerie streetlight drifted in and she rose to shut the heavy draperies. It was then she looked down onto the street. Daylight must have kept them out of site, but now she was horrified to see large rats scurrying on the street below. Thank god I’m on the third floor she thought and then she yanked the drapes shut and leaped onto the bed.

Pulling the covers up to her chin she felt shivers from the sight of the rats. Surely they aren’t inside, she reasoned, surely…just then she heard a noise from the dark corner of the room. Then a scraping, and scurrying of something–a rat? She started to panic. No wonder the room was so cheap, as she pulled the covers over her completely, frightened and waiting until morning light.



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