MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt


“Well good day, madam! I’m at your service, anything, anytime, anywhere, you name it, it’s yours!”
I looked him up and down, thinking, what could I ask for, what could he really do for me that I can’t do myself, probably better.
He was not discouraged, he just kept standing there, looking like a friendly goofball. What would I need from him, anything?
He was offering some paper with his hand outstretched, and he had a bag, full of what I wondered, how could he possibly help me? It had been years since anyone asked me what I really wanted, how I really felt, what I really needed.
He then pushed the paper into my hand. Reluctantly I accepted it, opened it, to find a childish drawing of a heart. Under the heart was written, “someone cares for you today”. I looked up from reading to speak to this stranger. He had disappeared, nowhere to be seen. I clasped the paper and genuinely smiled for the first time in days.



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