3TC 6-10-19 – witch, pillow, margarita

I thought the margarita was a bit strong, but I decided, why not, and squeezed more lime into it. It was my vacation after all, and I meant to take advantage of all the perks of this new hotel. The brochure promised your secret desires fulfilled at every turn, or was it, at every turn a secret desire? I think the drinks are getting to me. Great, it’s just what I needed.

When I signed in, I was given a brochure explaining the extras at this particular hotel. I hadn’t paid too much attention to it, but as I lay back on the organic buckwheat pillow, I saw something interesting. “Ever want to see your secret desires? We can show you!” Yikes, I thought, this sounds too weird.

Early morning sun woke me since I forgot to shut the heavy drapes last night. Reluctantly I crawled out of bed, still feeling the after effects of one too many margaritas. They were delicious, though I smiled to myself, and took a brisk shower. I picked up the brochure to read again, and the part I read last night seemed to beckon me. Again, I thought why not, it’s vacation!

The location was not far from the hotel and the small shop was interesting. Tarot cards, spirit candles, various other occult items were strewn about but it wasn’t an uncomfortable atmosphere, just the opposite; it seemed welcoming. Out from the proverbial beaded curtain came an older woman, colorfully dressed with a large smile and dark eyes. “Welcome, welcome my dear” she offered as she noticed I was holding the hotel brochure. “How may I help you today?” Again, only looking at the brochure, she added, “I see you’re interested in seeing your secret desires.” She then ushered me through the beaded doorway to a small booth in the rear of the establishment.

Surprisingly, I was not frightened, and the longer I was in her presence, the more at ease I became. I melted into the booth and seemed not able to escape her stare. It was almost as if her being close put me into a trancelike state. I felt numb, and helplessly sat in the booth. The last words I heard her say were “I have you now, my pretty.”

The old woman was now free to reveal her witch persona, now that the girl was hers. A few more minutes and her transformation into the beautiful young woman would be completed.



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