MLMM Wordle – 137

It was an attempt to seize the day, the old carpe diem. I was looking forward to a gift in the mail, rose and showered early. Then as I dressed, saw the wrinkles on my bared arm, and the massive burden of the weight of time suddenly struck me full force.

I feel no older than I did ten years ago. It’s funny how you can fool yourself into one way of thinking, but the hollowness of the area around a still strong muscle lacked the radiance of youth. Was my body really this old? A profusion of awareness invaded and no longer patronized my thoughts. Unsurprisingly you might think, I was smacked in the face with reality; yes, this is me, this is my aging body. The attributes of youth are definitely gone. My mind seems to have put this aside, deluding me.

Prolonged confinement of actuality leaked into my presence. And it is present. I put on a long sleeved shirt and think, I can do this. Will I achieve complete acceptance? Probably not, but there is no other choice.


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