Nebraska or the Twilight Zone?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, middle America circa 1950s, exists today in small town Nebraska. My daughter and her three oldest daughters traveled from Denver to Omaha to see a play in the antique Orpheum theater. During the eight hour trip, they stopped for lunch.

The restaurant had great reviews and they walked up to an outside window to order. The sliding window was slammed shut after taking their order. They walked inside to wait for the order, and to use the restroom. They were told there was no restroom. The “busy with families” clientele stopped eating and stared at the four strangers entering– absolutely stopped talking and stared the entire time the young women waited for their order.

After fifteen minutes of complete silence and staring, my granddaughter remarked “screw this” and grabbed her sister’s hand and said, “we need to make those wedding plans.” (I’m told she takes after me, Yeah!)

The family is used to being stared at, being diverse, and having handicap members, but not to this extreme. Luckily we’ve all adopted–pun intended, a handy sense of humor!

When they received their order, they left and ate their lunch at a park across the street. This is a picture of the girls on Easter 2019:


“Be afraid, be very afraid”….

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  1. Makes you wonder…I would think, even in Nebraska, that it would be illegal to have a restaurant without a working restroom. It’s good you keep your sense of humor handy.

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