MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt

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Brewing coffee wafted into my bedroom, I was so happy we set the timer for it last night. There is a reason for a timer instead of the usual blaring alarm, preferring a scent instead of a jarring sound. Even with the inducement of holding that warming cup, I rolled over and scooted under the duvet. Spring thunderstorms in the night kept me awake till three, and I wasn’t ready to be chipper just yet.

My companion, however, was oblivious to last night’s noise, and slept like a log, and was ready for the morning cup of caffeine. I tugged at his tshirt as he rose to leave, and he accommodated my morning request. Snuggling under the covers with him was my favorite way to start the day. This love of my life was always there for me, answering every and any need I might have at the moment. Sunday mornings were always a delight; a day we could be fully into each other instead of hurrying about satisfying the necessary pull of our daily life.

A husband, a lover, a best friend, everything I had thought would never actually happen in my life, yet here he was, in the flesh. Growing up reading many stories of fantasy involving knights in shining armor, this cliche had come to me, not as a dream in my childhood, but by way of a softball game. I was watching from the bleachers with a group of friends when I saw him, and was immediately drawn to him. He also was drawn to me, evidenced by his seeking me out after the game ended. It was a casual greeting, but singling me out of the crowd was telling. This was the unlikely pairing of two strangers across a crowded field. From then on we were together in every way.

This morning he returned with two hot cups of coffee, croissants and jam on a tray. Outside it was raining softly and the atmosphere lended itself to a day of staying in, being comfy and together. I couldn’t help myself from thinking how fortunate I was, living this life, being close to the man I loved and respected, and questioned what I had done to deserve it.

We both are dedicated to our jobs during the week, but Sundays are ours alone. We prepare each Saturday, shopping for anything we might favor on our day off. It is usually something already prepared for a no fuss day. Lounging a bit more, a long shower for two, we were ready for a walk in the now rain freshened park.

This evening we had candlelight and dessert by the fire. To make the evening complete, my husband turned on the CD player to the song we first danced to, “Scotch and Soda”. We danced like it was the first time. This may sound like a dream, but we work every day to make this life a reality. We dedicate ourselves to each other first. It’s worth it.


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