MLMM Tale Weaver

This week I was trying to get my old laptop empty to see if I could download the WP app on it. It is old, uses Windows 7 and I can hear you laughing right now. I let it gather dust after buying an iPad which I much preferred over a Windows system.

In doing so, I found flash drives with photos from early 2000s and it was a reunion with my friends and grandchildren from the past.

Looking at photos and places I haven’t seen in over five years, some over fifteen years, causes me to ponder about my feelings in those days.

I was in bad health, but in my best element as a busy grandmother. I look upon those days with nostalgia, some days with regrets, sadness, some days with laughter at chubby babies and Halloween costumes, but mostly with thoughts I did my best. A reunion for me is not just physical but mental.


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