Word of the Day: Contest

What is up with WP? If I want to like or comment, I click and it sends me a white blank screen with the heading automattic on top and just sits there.

This morning I deleted the app to see if restarting would help, now can’t get it to download again. I think it’s a combination of internet slowness, WP who is never answering my queries, or my iPad and phone.

At this time my phone with a newly downloaded app seems better, but hard to type on. Old mind, old fingers. . .what is this, a contest of wills? I have at least four, usually five ads interrupting my posts, so it’s not like they’re not getting their money’s worth.

It’s almost too frustrating. If I receive your posts in email, I have to reply in email, so if it looks strange, that’s why. If I click on your email, it sends me to your site where I cannot comment or like.
Please don’t think I’m ignoring anyone. I hope your “June is bustin out all over”!


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