The Haunted Wordsmith 5-3-2019

I’m hitting play!” Julie, being in her thirties, unmarried, but an oh so available participant, couldn’t wait to play on the new website. It was Saturday morning and the three women were gathered around Mary’s big screened monitor.

She and her friends were bored of playing Scrabble every Friday night, just the three of them, so changed it up a bit, often changing the rules. That is when they got their big idea.

“I need a D to use this word. “The others asked, “what word?” “Wizard” she said, and they all nodded in agreement it was a great word.

Next, it was Sylvia’s turn who was holding up two letters staring at the word net, hoping to add to it. She only had an H and an E left so she placed them in front of net, forming henet. “That’s not a word!” the others exclaimed.

“It is now” Sylvia laughed. Sylvia Googled the word finding the website title had not been claimed, and purchased it on the spot. They busily perused other dating sites, asking for photos of willing men. Their site was up and running the next day.


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