Food Cravings/Disasters

I was craving cookies, they are a lot of work when you’re stuck sitting, and I can’t leave them alone. Fam is gone this weekend, so decided against cookies but I thought. . .apple crisp?

I took out a box of graham cracker crumbs, had expired in 2017 so trashed it. ; ) Then I thought I’ll just make a regular crust. In the meantime I knew I had a can of apple filling but forgot I can’t open cans.

My canopener bit the dust yesterday opening a can of spinach, an adventure in itself. The spinach was in a poptop can and of course it broke off. Can opener wouldn’t work, maybe the edge was too high. I tried an old beer can opener, no luck, still the lid too deep. Corkscrew attempt failed, so I finally stabbed it with a butter knife, causing a mess, but by that time I was determined…and it was a can of apple filling-need I go on? I can hear you groaning, please don’t!

It may seem I use a lot of canned items, but it’s the end of the month and fresh ingredients don’t last in once a month shopping trips.

I could have made popcorn but was not in the mood. I bought a jar of marshmallow fluff at Christmas time just in case the kids were over and wanted to make fudge. No expiration date…think it’s like twinkies, probably never goes bad–creepy! I always have chocolate chips in freezer for kids when they stop by. But I was too lazy to make fudge. I have a microwave fudge recipe that is the kids’ favorite but I prefer the old harder kind.

Cereal sounded okay but no milk. Bag of salad available, but I was cold and it didn’t sound good. I have frozen chimichangas but no salsa. I decided on a warm bagel with cream cheese spread. Tomorrow it’s baked chicken breast and a potato – boring!


My contribution to other food related/ disaster posts today.


14 thoughts on “Food Cravings/Disasters

  1. I bet you were like a woman possessed trying to open that can . Probably like the scene from the exorcist when her head spins 😬 not that I’ve seen the whole film because I’m too chicken to watch it. Role on Monday when you can get your next supplies 😉

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  2. Warm bagel and cream cheese sounds divine! So does the marshmallow fluff though, lol… bagel and marshmallow fluff? Or maybe save it to top your potato tomorrow, lol!

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