Netflix Series: Rake

I started a new-to-me Netflix series “Rake”. After the first episode passes and you can eat again the rest are better.

I love this type of character and there is a lot of humor, even pathos. Which I think go hand in hand in life. It takes place in an Australian atmosphere and Richard Roxburgh is the lead as Cleaver Greene, an appropriate name. From the net:

“Richard Roxburgh plays Cleaver Greene, a talented but self-destructive barrister who uses unconventional methods and usually defends those beyond redemption. With unyielding optimism he takes on only the most difficult court cases that no one else wants, from suicide bombing to sex offences and thefts to psychotic school girl drama. At the same time the Sydney barrister tries to put his personal life in order, where his addiction to short term highs and women land him into trouble.

Awards: Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actor”

It has everything, rated R definitely, no apologies, I like it.



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  1. There was an American TV show called “Rake” that ran for just one season (2014) starting Greg Kinnear as “an outspoken and self-destructive criminal defense lawyer takes on the most challenging cases.” Sounds very similar.

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  2. It is the most delightful character study, and very Aussie. When it started it would have summed up more about the 90s even though it is set in the early 2000s.

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