A to Z – S for Save our Earth

Sam and his friends walked down to launch their paper boats. Popsicle masts held sails made of tissue, and a cardboard keel. A length of twine made sure to wield some control and they were set.

All three boys had a backpack with their lunch and a thermos of lemonade. It was a summer day’s routine they looked forward to every week. All boats were similar but held a differently designed paper flag attached with a toothpick. They were quite sturdy little crafts despite their makeup.

This morning they approached the brook to see pieces of trash floating there. There were plastic bags, soda cans, all leftovers from someone else’s lunch, but there they were, some floating and some clinging to the shore.

The boys were angry. How could someone be so careless? They dropped their boats, waded in and picked up anything within reach. The boys’ parents were also upset when the boys came home with the nasty treasure. They were proud to think it had made an impression on their sons and a practical unplanned lesson learned.




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