Eight Tracks?😳

“Where is that eight track player we used to have? Remember it was a portable we took on picnics? It was plainjane, no phosphorescent filaments needed, or connection to the Internet to use. I was going through my dad’s boxes from the attic and found a large collection of eight tracks. I can’t wait to listen to them again.”

His teenage son rolls his eyes.


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14 thoughts on “Eight Tracks?😳

    1. Okie dokie:
      A trip to the mountains is what I’d choose
      I’ll make sure to wear climbing shoes
      Rocks are high and edges slippery
      Wouldn’t want to fall off the perifery.

      Thanks for thinking of me!

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    1. Should look that up, probably worth something! When I moved I got rid of my computer, monitor, stack, etc. In 2013. My son said a few years later I could have sold them to collectors ; ))

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