MLMM Tale Weaver – Be Careful What You Wish For

Mary had never been alone. Growing up she was always surrounded by family, lots of family–five sisters, three brothers, and all of her grandparents. Each night after her prayers she added a request, “please, could I just have even one moment alone?”

In a busy household where all the family occupied the same areas, it was an impossible request. Even a short trip to the bathroom might be interrupted by one of the littles. The all for one, one for all concept was a twenty-four hour constant in her life.

Other teenagers in her classes would envy her close family, as most either had only one parent, no grandparents present, or both parents working outside the home. They definitely knew what it was like to be alone most of the time and all situations were usually looked upon as not ideal.

Mary received a scholarship to attend a college a few hours away from her home. The dorm rooms, although crowded and noisy were a respite for her. She rarely had time alone, but enjoyed however long it was. Most of her weekends were spent with her family back at home.

As time passed, graduation with excellent grades made for a nice resume and Mary found a few great job offers and accepted one in a state far from home. Settling in to a new life, a new apartment and new job, Mary was often alone. Her wish finally came true. It was only a few months of this aloneness when Mary realized it was not exactly what she had dreamed. There was no one constantly talking, asking her how she was, how she felt, or if she was all right. Basically it was too quiet. Making new friends had never been a problem before because she had her sisters and brothers always as best friends. Mary found being alone was not what she really wanted after all.

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