SoCS – 3-2-19

March is coming in like a lion so the couple of warmer days we just had are done. We could use the moisture here in town. Our color scheme is in the browns. I’m ready for a change.

The prompt is cele and since I’ve just finished watching the series “Lucifer” where the cast includes celestial beings, I’ll go with that. My favorite celestial “items” are stars.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! : )

8 thoughts on “SoCS – 3-2-19

  1. We’re in Florida, hate to tell you today was sunny and then about 5pm the clouds blew in, lowering the temp 15 degrees, perfect weather. However, we suffer with too hot weather mostly, the equivalent of your too cold, and are trapped in doors starting in May through October. Hang tough! Claudia

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