MLMM Wordle #122

She sneaked into the courtyard after everyone else was asleep. It was her nightly routine, to dangle a green cloth over the lowest branch of the cherry tree, there for only him to see. He would wait for it every evening; it was the attractancy of the simple gesture that stirred him. Seeing it was almost a bolt of lightning surging through him anticipating their union. Sixteen year olds falling in love in medieval times was not unusual, although arranged only through strict family decisions.

Each night she was excited to place the tiny signal that meant they would meet again. They both treasured these secret rendezvous. If discovered, the forbidden relationship would cause perturbation in their parents’ eyes. The young lovers knew in their hearts the parents would disapprove, considering the young couple’s wishes mere folly. The lovers were unconcerned with pleasing their elders. They remained determined and proceeded to meet again.

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