Monday Movie

It’s a weird day, woke up feeling sad about things I can’t do anything about, got into the shower and what really made my day was a Snapchat from my granddaughter, who will be 21 next month. She is a special one and uses the snap chat expertly. It was a great pick me up and sometimes that’s all it takes for me to set about on a positive note.

Then Murphy visits, dropping the (stuck to the wall with those white sticky things) battery operated clock straight into the sink. Water running at the time of course, and one of the batteries falls out into the disposal. Lucky that wasn’t running also! I suppose it might have created an arc of some sort linking to the running water and my hand and therefore electrocuting me. . .oh well, not a bad way to go, it’s quick. But think of the mystery involved. . .how did I die with no outlets nearby? Would anyone think to check the disposal unit? Surely the unit would stop running eventually? I feel a mystery novel coming on–JK. Because the clock ended up in the sink, the faucet pouring and splashing on my just dressed outfit, it caused a minor glitch in my morning. It is now 12:01 and I’m on to less stressful activities such as laundry. Take that, Murphy!

A 1970 movie I recommend, starring Jack Lemon and Sandy Dennis–not the remake . “The Out of Towners”. Neil Simon was the greatest for this type of comedy.


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