MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt-Its all in the title

Voices in Brimstone

The Dissonant Heart

Wraiths at the Window

Secrets Only Children Know

The Automaton Who Became Self-Aware

The Perils of a Guilty Conscious

The Virtue of Silence

The Crying River

Death of Desire

Eliza Happenstance


I cannot quiet the Voices in Brimstone or The Perils of a Guilty Conscience. The Virtue of Silence is lost on them. The Crying River from The Dissonant Heart inside my chest washes over me and hopes me to drown.The Secrets Only Children Know are like Wraiths at the Window, only visible to those pure of heart.The Death of Desire would only be squelched by being The Automation Who Became Self-Aware, and then where would I be? Satisfied as an Eliza Happenstance or ignored as a malfunctioning piece of someone else’s design?


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