MLMM First Line Friday

Millie couldn’t believe her luck, an eighteenth century, hand-carved oak hope chest with original fixtures intact– and all she had to do was convince them to sell it to her.

“You see sir, it is exactly like the one my grandmother had, and even that one had been handed down from her grandmother!” Millie pleaded with the antiques dealer to take the sum she offered, considerably less than the quoted price. The vendor stood stalwart and scowling.

“I can’t let this art work go for such a meager sum. Possibly I could arrange for an installment account to be set up, perhaps a three month arrangement?”

“Oh that would be kind of you, sir” and the deal was made. Millie had seen the chest in the window on her way home and came prepared with a borrowed truck to take it home. Unknown to the vendor, this chest was one of a kind and truly had been passed down from generation to generation. For the same reasons it was kept in the family, Millie had to retrieve it.

Placing the chest in the bedroom of her modest home, it surely stuck out from the rest of the furnishings. Millie could hardly wait to see what would happen now that she had the chest back in the family again. That night she drew up her covers while keeping an eye fixed on the chest, fell asleep, and dreamed of things to come.

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