The Haunted Wordsmith – Tell me a Story Challenge

Theresa chose the picture below and asked us to write something about it. This is what she wrote:

My story for the picture:

Being a curious pair, the brothers decided to liven up their shepherding duty by sneaking into the library for a book from the top shelf. Children’s books were located near the bottom shelves, but they saw their dad reading this one.

When asking what the book was about, their dad turned beet red. Naturally the boys were curious. The next day they used the ladder attached to the library shelves and retrieved the “picture” book.


I now nominate anyone who would care to participate in this story chain posting, and I chose the following picture. Please join in and follow the rules, which I did not😂!



Write something about the picture given.

Choose a new picture as a Prompt.

Tag three bloggers to participate in the challenge. (No obligation, but it is fun)


My picture for your words is from DeviantArt:


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