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$300 can you imagine? And the one channel you “saw” was covered in snowy black and white fuzz. That didn’t stop my dad from watching it, though as the “fights” came on every Saturday night, I think? Being a dairy farmer with 200 acres to maintain, plus a full time machine shop employee, I think this price was probably exorbitant with his salary. The only thing I remember new in our home was a car, every two years or “when the ashtray was full” as he put it. Being a Lucky Strike three pack a day man, I doubt that was true. Of course he smoked in the car, but his passengers did not eat, drink or talk when he drove. Pretty much the rule at dinner also, except for the eating part.

I admired his abilities, farming, working, and all the time and dedication he put into it, just like my mom also worked, constantly in our home. I doubt she ever watched tv.

I tried to find actual salary rates for a machinist in 1950 but failed. I know his shop made casings for bombs etc. because it was scary thinking of it as a child. I did find this:

This is choppy, I apologize. The editor and the website are giving me fits! Have a good weekend!!

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  1. It’s good to share memories, especially those redolent of social history. It made me think of my brother who in 1965 started with a local company as apprentice miller/turner/lathe-operator. He earned £3 per week, half of which he gave to my mother as board-money. When he recently retired he was the managing director.

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