Daily Addictions: Settle

Particularly appropriate – try saying that three times fast – since I went wc shopping today. I think I’ll go online and see what’s available before I ask my doctor for the prescription I need to get one. I would think the obvious, “I can’t walk” would be sufficient, just as my current GP says, but maybe that’s not PC these days. I’m a no fancy words, say what I think person and think that simple statement should be enough. It reminds me of an appointment I had with a neurologist who insisted I walk without my cane years ago, down a hallway. I told him I would fall because my legs don’t hold me up. He made me do it anyway and of course I went two steps and fell. Doctors…..my history has not been what I would call. . .swell.

These experiences lead you to fight until you’re exhausted or to settle for what you can get. Someone last week told me, you need to fight this, and I replied, I’ve fought for years, I’m just tired of it now. Most fights were for good causes, such as better pay for teachers, better school conditions and provisions for students, etc. Now I’m just tired.



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