Haunted Wordsmith Page 17, Line 7

“Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow

“In Charleston, the Nevis capital, where legend proclaims that Alexander was born”. . .Of course this information was read haltingly by the college prep school students who could care less where Hamilton was born, or any other facts about their country’s historical figures.

The only reason Joe joined the class was to be able to gaze at his newfound love, Jenny. Jenny was a history buff and read everything she could about American history, especially when Alexander Hamilton was involved. After seeing the Hamilton musical, she was hooked. She loved the class and was oblivious to Joe’s attention.

Joe on the other hand was also hooked, determined to get a date with Jenny. His friends were aware and had placed small wagers on whether or not Joe would succeed. Unknowingly, Joe confided earlier to Frank and then Frank to Jim, and by the time the bets were on, it was all over the school.

An old ploy by Joe didn’t turn out as planned. He pretended to bump into Jenny after class and thought picking up her books would gain her attention. Unfortunately, his attempt was squashed as another Hamilton lover, who just happened to be taller and stronger than Joe, rushed in at the last moment and saved Jenny’s day.

Poor, poor, pitiful Joe. . .just kidding, he’ll find his love the next year. She plays soccer, Joe’s favorite sport in which he stars, the following year.



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