MLMM First Line Friday 12-21-18

Continued from MLMM Tale Weaver #202:

The radio was playing the oddest song. He turned it on after the first strike in my side. I was so surprised by the attack, I just looked at him. He turned away and I staggered back holding onto the lounge chair. He glanced over his shoulder at me and turned on the CD player-radio. The song was, “My Funny Valentine”. His smile was back but not the friendly one I was used to. How odd such an old song was playing but it seemed he had willed it, as he began humming along with the music.

I was so stunned I don’t even know if I realized I was stabbed! I felt dizzy, it must not be real, must be a nightmare. . .wake up will you? He turned back around and as I saw the blood on the knife, not a big knife, he must have had it on him the whole evening, my mind was dazed, was he actually coming at me again? Humming that creepy song as if he was going to make me his own valentine, carve me into what he wanted.

I tried to step back to get to the door, but my legs were stuck in the spot. Blood dripped faster from my side, I felt it warm and sticky on my hand, and he came again and again till I was lying helpless on the floor.

As everything seemed to fade, my only thought was I hope they call, I hope they sense I’m in trouble, someone, anyone, help me, and that song playing.

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