Looking back… Day 21.

REBLOG: The Christmas Spirit lives!

Cyranny's Cove


Tonight I was working the late evening shift, sitting by myself at the office. I turned on the radio, to fill the silence. In the evening, this radio station usually holds a sports open-line show, and people call in to talk about hockey, football or any other sports they feel like talking about. I am not that much into sports, but the conversations don’t distract me as much as music, and the radio host, Derek Aucoin, is a dang good guy. He has a way with people that makes it enjoyable to listen to the show, even if the subject is somewhat boring.

Tonight, since it was the last show before Christmas, and Derek opened the line to any subject people wanted to talk about. A girl called to say how she just wanted to offer her mother a good winter coat for Christmas, but she couldn’t afford it. Another listener called to say they…

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