FOWC: Free

Well there’s free and then there’s free. That’s how I look at it. We all would choose freedom if we had a choice, right? When I married young, too young and had a family of three little kids, some days I would lock myself in the bathroom and just wish to be free. I can see you looking at me like I am crazy. I had a beautiful home, a nice husband working, and three children who couldn’t be any better behaved. So why did I want to be free of all that?

Maybe I’ll get into that another time, maybe, if you’re still listening. . .

Then fifty years later I am free. I have no husband and no kids at home. Free. I have three older sisters and three of us have “freedom” from married life–we’re widows. We all handle it and think of it differently. We all have different circumstances as far as health, family and finances are concerned. So our freedoms are relative.

Freedom does have its perks. I’ll lighten this up with a quote from my sister’s email tonight. The two of us are the only people we know that love dark chocolate covered cherries. This is the kind of late night mail you get when you can relate to each other being free and alone, not by choice:


💕”Oh, I just ate two dark  chocolate cherries.  One for me and one for you! See? I can rationalize anything!”💞


FOWC with Fandango — Free


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  1. I understand free very well, some days I wish I could float away like a feather and be free of all the problems of life, then other days I know how lucky I am to still have my husband beside me 59 years on the 19 December, even if everyday is a challenge. The other free is I can always write poetry on my free wordpress blog with no worries. Thanks my true friend for helping me to understand how lucky I am to have my husband still living.

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