MLMM Wordle #212

Known to his kingdom as a cantankerous ruler, King Badmash was often ridiculed by his subjects. All done in secret of course, as the “off with yer head” phrase was frequented by this wild man. Even at the nightly buffet for his personal friends, he was known to be moody, sometimes volatile if his rules were not strictly obeyed; often torpedoing a loaf of bread or goose leg to anyone who dared challenge his opinions.

King Badmash would then sulk, hearing grunts of displeasure around the table with a melancholy mood surrounding the group. In a particularly distressing evening, he would stomp off to his favorite thinking spot, the lighthouse, where he would light the oil candle flame. This signal was only pertinent to the real love of his life, who each night waited for the beam of light. As his lover, waiting for a sign to join him in a secret rendezvous once again, Miss Scarlett would rush to the top of the lighthouse. At these meetings only, would King Badmash reveal his true loving self.


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