Am I the only one?

Not my idea of fun.

I know the answer. It’s always yes, you are! I should stop asking….but

Cleaning my apartment today, I was trying to get that wall under the cupboard, you know the one that your trash can sits up against? I’m reaching with a damp rag of cleaner and cannot reach the bottom. Basically I’m standing on my head with one hand gripping the wc so I don’t actually fall on my head…laugh…it’s been done…and I think, does everyone have this problem that cleans their own homes? Or do you ignore it, hire someone, or bribe a kid? The kids around me are older and up to my old tricks, they don’t fall for bribes. I miss those days.

Note the hose and pouf slippers!

Moving on to dusting, probably second hated chore under mopping. I like pine cones. I keep them around all year. I also love birds. I combined these two collections on a large metal tray, never realizing what a pita it is to clean.

Then there’s this tile in the bathroom. White with mottled gray. I say tile because that’s what they called it when I moved in. It’s really thick linoleum type stuff and it resists all cleaning products. I haven’t tried pouring on full-steam-ahead liquid bleach, but I doubt that would even work. There are gray stains of footprints that have been there since I moved in. My apartment was brand new when I moved here. Since they are on either side of the commode, I figure some construction guy made an imprint while using the facilities. I use bleach cleaner in the bathroom for sanitation reasons of course, but nothing budges these footprints.

An update on my dish account: Three weeks ago they canceled the account so I’ve had no tv reception which is not a big loss. 75 dollars of my rent is mandatory tv hookup, so that’s the only thing that maddens me. I was told they would send a basic unit that comes with the apt and an empty box to send the old one in. Still have received neither item. It’s a back and forth between he said he said with the apt people and dish. So I gave up. When I’m steeled enough to attempt another 45 min hold time I’ll call back.

I have no idea what this is about. Questions: Where is it plugged in? Why would you do it outside under a tree?

I guess this was a no worm day, but my mini world is sparkling!


11 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. the only thing I ever iron anymore is fabric I am sewing up into a quilt. I had to iron George’s military uniforms for years and hated every second of it…it sometimes felt as if I was enclosed within a small steamy box never to see the light of day or feel a fresh breeze again…maybe that is what that picture is about????

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    1. As a kid I liked ironing with my mom. The smell of the steamed cotton was something I liked and it was time with her which I loved. Ironing and sewing go hand in hand. I do neither now. I hope George is recovering well.


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