MLMM Tale Weaver #199

She walked around, hands on her hips, surveying her husband’s situation. After assessing his position, she clicked her tongue. “I knew this would happen one of these days. . .stuck, aren’t you? Or are you playing kissy face with the dog?

Her husband Joe was the friendly, accommodating type, never letting anything outwardly bother him. This afternoon he was trying to coax the family dog out of her doghouse. The elderly dog had holed up in her house the entire day and Joe was concerned.

“Well? What do you have to say for yourself? Are you staying there all night?”

“Poppy’s sick, I think, June. She hasn’t come out of her bed all day. You know she’s old.”

“Yes, that’s why I told you she needs to be put down. The kids are gone and I’m sick of her making messes.”

Joe backed out of the doghouse and stood to confront June. “You know, June, sometimes I think your emotions are so shut off since the kids left that you have no compassion at all.”

“I’m fine, and you, Joe are just too open to your feelings, always have been. The dog needs to go!”

Joe went into the house and picked some treats and a hunk of cheese to take to Poppy. He then made an appointment with the veterinarian. Poppy had been a sweet faithful companion to the family, even June, who ignored her completely. It was time to reciprocate.



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