Caffeine or decaf?

What do you know about decaf coffee? How is it made? My inquiring mind wanted to know.

The first article wrote about the use of two toxic chemicals used – yikes:


Different processes are explained here:


You might want to reconsider your choice.


24 thoughts on “Caffeine or decaf?

  1. I love coffee but it didn’t love me, so I switched to decaf. I didn’t drink so much but was always concerned about the processing, so switched to tea and cocoa. Now I never have any coffee. My energy levels are much more consistent since stopping it. Caffeine has a significant effect on me now, if I have it in a dessert or suchlike.

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  2. Howdy, Yup, if I don’t want caffeine ? Don’t drink the brew. Easy choice. Personally, don’t do “De” anything, or Lite. If I need those in my life? Then don’t use the product. … Butter Lite? Mmmm? Cheers Jamie

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  3. Caffeine free coffee makes about as much sense as nicotine free cigarettes. I love coffee…for the caffeine. If you don’t want caffeine in your diet, then quit drinking caffeine. You can’t have it all. Come one, man.


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