FOWC: Flood – The Trouble With Harry

I said to Harry, better watch out

You know what happens after a drought

Did he listen, figure it right?

You know Harry, not too bright.

I said to him, Harry, we need a boat

When the rains come, we’ll be able to float

But you know Harry, way too lazy

Told me he thought I was crazy.

I said, Harry go get some wood

Build a boat, I think we should

Of course Harry went back to bed

It was left to me to go to the shed

I said Harry we need nails and a hammer

Harry from the bed yelled, stop your yammer

Then as I was building, the rain kept acomin

On the old tin roof increasingly drummin

I worked as hard and fast as I could,

Shaping a boat with the old wood

I said Harry, you’d better hurry

Even the shed rats are starting to scurry

Old Harry never got out of bed

I finished the boat and left the shed

I said Harry, you need to come quick

The water’s afloodin, clouds are thick

As usual, my voice he ignored

So I left him there in the flooded fjord.


FOWC with Fandango — Flood


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