Word of the Day: Imagination (of a child)

Grampa, what is imagination?

It’s when your train doesn’t stop at just one station.

You mean like traveling beyond your stop?

Or choosing another train to hop.

I don’t think I understand?

Let me take your hand.

See that forest over there?

Yes, but I’ve been told “beware”.

Beware of what? A new adventure? What do you imagine there?

I think it may be wild and scary, no place for me to tarry.

See? Already, imagination you are using.

What? This is so confusing.

Your mind really does not know what lies in those trees so far away, but let us think on it today.

Look at them, then close your eyes. What do you see?

I see leaves and animals, mossy plants on the forest floor.

Imagination lets you see. Opens your mind to show you more.

We will board this train again, and you’ll decide where to begin.

Imagination – Word of the Day Challenge


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