Word of the Day: Oblong

I had to laugh reading this choice of the day. Oblong is an odd shape. I found that out years ago as I was trained to be a beauty consultant. Apparently there are many face shapes and you should wear your hair in flattering styles to distinguish or hide certain shapes, as oval is considered the elite. Of course I was the only one in my group whose face shape was considered oblong. I laugh just thinking about it now, but at the time it was very disconcerting as after the announcement I received many uncomfortable stares.

Oblong is the oddball, and you never even think of it unless you’re buying a tablecloth and it’s the only one left to select because no one owns or wants an oblong table. You can’t put leaves on the end of an oblong table, so what use is it? When you think of oblong, what comes to mind? Nothing pretty, cute or charming, I can tell you! Here are examples of face shapes and be forewarned before you pull your morning face free from any hairdo and compare…



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