Word of the Day: Freeze or Curses, foiled again!

Just for fun, don’t get your knickers in a knot:

Freeze!” He yelled as I lifted the bottle.

Little did I know he was watching so closely.

If known, I wouldn’t have tried to boggle

The mind of the clerk, who turned out a jerk

Who chose the however proper, elective

To push the button

Only to summon

The very efficiently armed store detective.

“My my” I said quietly as I slowly turned

“Why this accosting I have earned?”

“I said freeze, madam, hands on the counter!”

I put down the bottle, hands were unsteady

I could fake a faint, always at the ready

But I was indeed guilty, tried to abscond

With the expensive perfume of which I was fond.

Freeze – Word of the Day Challenge


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